Sergeant Andi O’Brien

Sergeant Andi O’Brien is entering her 24th year of law enforcement. Her service began in 1999 as a civilian. After 9/11 her calling moved her to the commissioned staff entering the law enforcement academy in 2003 and promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2018. Her current assignment is in the patrol division. Throughout her tenure, one of her many ancillary assignments have included Hostage Negotiations starting as a negotiator and shortly after promotion transitioning to the Team Leader Role. Andi has had the honor to serve on the WSHNA Board since 2012 as a District Representative or on the Executive Board. She has led the coordination of four WSHNA Seminars. While with WSHNA, she has attended multiple NCNA (National Council of Negotiators Association) Meetings.

Sergeant Andi O’Brien’s work evolved to be one of the leads with her agency’s mental wellness program. It has been identified across the nation; first responders are suffering from mental health issues. The Art of Negotiation has unfortunately called upon her to answer the call for her own co-workers
struggling with surviving the profession. It was unimaginable for her to find herself at the other end of a phone several times using her crisis intervention skills on her own brothers and sisters. Saving lives with words alone and the power our words have on those we care about has lasting effects on each and
every one of us who work as negotiators. These incidents solidified negotiations are more than words, it is an “Art”. Her work has transitioned honorably as Andi was named the Peer Support Coordinator for the past five years. The WCSO Peer Support Motto “In this Family No One Fights Alone” signifies her career and the commitment she has to her special teams.


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